Complimentary Essential Individual Registration
courtesy of Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits
Once registered, you can upgrade at exclusive member pricing.  Family plans start at only $3 month.
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Your complimentary ESSENTIAL INDIVIDUAL PLAN includes:

Full Service Identity Restoration

CITRMS (Certified Identity Theft Risk Management Specialist) designated staff reduces the

time and effort a member will endure in the event that their identity is stolen and goes beyond

traditional credit report restoration by offering robust case knowledge in non-credit


Lost Wallet

Assists you in quickly and efficiently terminating and re-ordering wallet contents. You are

not required to pre-register wallet contents before using this service.

Plan highlights:

  • Includes ALL forms of ID Theft – including financial, medical, benefits, insurance, phone, utilities, government documents.
  • Family Fraud & Acts of Terrorism.
  • Unknown Identity Theft Events that occurred prior to the start of new membership plan.
  • Identity Specialists (CITRMS Certified) work on your behalf until your identity is at a pre-event status.
  • 24/7 Victim Access to an online case management system provides you with an up to the minute status of your recovery.
  • Identity Theft prevention and education.
  • Family Plan Available: Family Essential includes fully-managed recovery for you, your spouse / significant other and up to 8 children at same address.
  • Includes Limited Power of Attorney so that the specialist assigned to members case can truly complete all restoration activities on members behalf.

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