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Education Minnesota ESI Member Benefits has partnered with Securus ID Inc (Securus ID) to provide its members access to identity theft plans at negotiated rates. 
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Identity thieves, who commit financial fraud with stolen account information, had a banner year in 2016. These fraudsters successfully hit a record 15.4 million Americans — up 16 percent from 2015, according to the new 2017 Identity Fraud Study from Javelin Strategy & Research.

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"Thank you for your assistance and outstanding customer service by exceeding my expectations in resolving my case in a timely manner." 
Robert J.

"...We really appreciate all your help & follow up.  It's a pretty scary thing at this stage of our lives and know you're there to help is invaluable." 
James D.

The foundation of all our plans is our Fully-Managed Recovery, the industry Gold Standard. 
Why?  Because no one company or plan can prevent all identity theft and fraud from occurring.
Securus – (adjective) Free from care, unconcerned, untroubled, fearless, quiet, easy, composed.

Identity (ID) theft is unfortunately prevalent and prolific. As more and more incidences of ID theft occur, preemptive action is becoming a necessary protection. As these criminals grow in number and ability, the danger of ID theft is all too real. Moreover, identity theft targets are increasing. Identity theft criminals are targeting individuals and businesses alike; that’s why Securus provides identity theft protection solutions for individuals, small businesses, and enterprise.